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Our History

We’re well organized and experienced designers all over the world who have been around for years and serving the world with our little but effective contribution. 

Tellers have created experiences that transformed brands, grown businesses and made people’s lives better. It is a long established fact that our clients love our services to the core.


We envision to render a timely and the most affordable services in the world in the Graphics and Web sectors.


Our Team We're all about teamwork.

We have dedicated ourselves to bring out the best in and help each other to accomplish the various tasks assigned to Tellers, even though we cut across the world with our team members in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. We check your work before submitting.

Our Partners The people we work with.

We are honoured to help advise brands, create new digital products, and launch effective campaigns for so many amazing clients.

Thank you to everyone who has worked with us or recommended us to help achieve our dreams. Here are what a few of them have had to say. 


When I received a shared link from a friend, I decided to test Tellers to see if indeed they are genuine. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a joy.


When I came across Tellers, I realized their prices were better compared to others so I gave it a try and haven’t regretted.


Have been working with Tellers for the past 10 years. Whatever the design may be in Graphics and Web, they’re there to give their best.

Akuyah Roofing

Will recommend Tellers to the world because they are time conscious when it comes to service and are ready to assist you with ideas on best practices.


3 Simple Steps to
Get Your Beautiful 

Just follow these simple steps and we’re sure you will get your preferred  designs in a twinkle of an eye with no hesitation.


Choose Your Design Field

We have varieties of design fields you can choose from. Select your interest and category in our Shop.

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After choosing your best interest of design, state your description for the work to be done accordingly

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In the cart, make payment your own way and expect your design to be done and received accordingly.

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Digital Experience

Creating a digital experience involves designing and crafting an interactive and engaging experience for users through digital means. It involves using various digital technologies, such as websites, social media, virtual and augmented reality, and other emerging technologies to create a seamless and personalized experience for the user.

To create a successful digital experience, it is essential to understand the user’s needs, preferences, and behaviors. This requires conducting extensive user research and analyzing user data to identify the pain points and opportunities for improvement. Once the user insights are gathered, the design process can begin, including wireframing, prototyping, and user testing.

To create an engaging digital experience, the design must prioritize simplicity, ease of use, and aesthetics. The design should also incorporate the latest trends and technologies to provide users with a unique and innovative experience.

Another crucial aspect of creating a digital experience is the content strategy. The content must be relevant, informative, and engaging to keep users interested and motivated to engage with the digital experience.

Finally, it is essential to test and optimize the digital experience continually. Testing enables the identification of potential issues and allows for improvements to be made to enhance the user’s overall experience.

In summary, creating a digital experience requires a combination of user research, design, content strategy, and continuous optimization to deliver an engaging and seamless experience for users. And that is exactly what Tellers offer our clients. In graphic design, our professionals create logos, advertisements, posters, fliers, and others such as WordPress Website, Ecommerce website, Servicing of Website, Social Media Management, Content Writing, etc. for marketing and communication purposes.


Our Priority

Putting your needs first

Working very closely with you to ensure that we design and create an inspiring experience, we make sure that every design is a reflection of you and your unique personality. We prioritize your needs by putting it first so we can make your vision a reality.

Customer care satisfaction is of great importance to us. Since the conception of Tellers, we have made it our utmost priority to engage our clients while working for them to ensure they’re fully satisfied with their designs.

Design Creation

Concept & Details

Our team put in effort of market research when creating each design. We pride ourselves in our outstanding services by exquisitely moving through each stages of design, carefully planning and finding the most elegant and perfect solutions for our clients.

We keep all our designs current with a timeless feel, all the while ensuring that we achieve and align with our client’s vision and their objectives. Let us work for you.

No Registration Fee.

Pay only for your graphics and web design works. No extra charges,